What are Nerdy Fridays?

Nerdy Fridays are when I release new sticker sheets and have a special DAY-ONLY sale!

*Note: 'Nerdy Friday' Sales are only valid on my website (not Etsy), as I am encouraging you guys to come here to purchase!

So, why buy from my standalone website, and not from my Etsy shop?

  • New Releases are released here first!  They will be released at a later date on my Etsy shop.
  • Nerdy Friday Sales and sales in general are valid only on my website.
  • Most importantly.  Cheaper shipping (yaaaayyyaah!!)
  • But, if you prefer shopping from my Etsy shop, you can! NERDYPAPERCO.ETSY.COM

Discount codes, please?

Please join my FB code for a never expiring coupon code (check my pinned post).  FYI- I always give my FB Nerds exclusive coupon codes and previews. 



follow any one of my awesome PR Nerds on Instagram where they can happily provide you with their exclusive codes + freebies you can snag!

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Jessica (aka) @peevesplanschaos

Kasey (aka) @kaseyplans

Processing time :

All sticker sheets are cut-to-order, and sent out to their nerdy destinations within:

  • Current processing time: 4-8 business days.

Shipping :

I ship all orders through USPS, unless noted otherwise.  
Domestic via USPS First Class Mail
International via USPS First Class Mail

Oh booger, something is wrong with your sticker!

I make sure to check if there are any flaws with my stickers before sending out, but if I missed it, I'M SORRY!! And please contact me with your order number and date of order.  

**Note that every sticker I make is cut to order by my silhouette machine and I do not consider a sticker that is off-cut (not cut 100% evenly around the sticker, a flaw) these machines do not cut perfectly even!  But, if there is an issue such as the sticker not being able to peel off the sheet- that's a flaw!**