Nerdy Paper Co. is giving back.  Starting in 2020, I pledge to plant one tree for every order placed. 
That's every order placed through my website, and at all events that I vend at!
As a stationery company, paper makes up almost all of my inventory.  That said, along with offsetting Nerdy Paper Co.'s footprint, I continue to strive to find eco-friendly options in the materials that I use in running my company to further reduce my footprint.   As better options are found, they will be shared!
  • All card stock and cover stock used for my dashboards, bookmarks, paper die cuts, and cards are printed on paper that is FSC and SFI certified, which means that they come from responsibly managed forests that are growing more trees for future generations to come. 
  • As of Fall 2019, we stopped using plastic packaging (with the exception of art prints for archival purposes- as compostable clear sleeves aren't archival-quality), but fear not!  Our new protective glassine bags seal out water just as well as the old (and non recyclable) plastic sleeves, so your goodies are safe from water damage!  

    "Australia is currently experiencing one of the largest natural disasters in history. This year's fire season has brought about unprecedented destruction as wildfires have spread across every Australian state, burning up nearly 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of bush as of January 2020. But the devastation witnessed in the state of New South Wales is nearly unfathomable - 3.6 million hectares (8.8 million acres) have been lost, over 1,500 homes destroyed or damaged, and 24 people have been killed. New South Wales is home to some of the most iconic of Australia's wildlife - koalas, wombats, and kangaroos to name a few - and their habitat is rapidly declining.


    At the moment, our amazing partners in Australia are focusing their attention on managing and mitigating the fires at hand, protecting people's properties, and assessing the environmental and community impacts. However, in due time, they will need plenty of support to restore this landscape back to health. Once the fires have settled and the land is ready to take on new trees, our partners are forecasting to restore over 6 million trees across Australia in 2020.

    While trees for this project will not go in the ground until the fires have ended and the soil repaired, by supporting this project now you are making sure our partners in Australia are ready to hit the ground running and repair this beautiful and iconic landscape." -One Tree Planted

    The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has had adverse impacts on bio-sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, along with damage to habitat, biodiversity loss, and aridity.



    If you'd like to plant more than one tree, or to plant in different regions, please visit the One Tree Planted website!