CUSTOM NAME | Hand Drawn Boy Wizard House Name Badge Die Cut Planner Personalized Fanart

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Custom Name wizard die cut! Please choose Happy Nerdy Boy or Sad Nerdy Boy, your preferred skin tone, along with your respective house.

*Please include the name you would like on your die cut in the 'Note To Seller' section when placing your order.*

Printed on PREMIUM sturdy white card stock and each Nerdy Girl measures approximately 3 inches tall.

*Please take note that the colors may differ from screen to screen (may be darker/lighter)*
*All artwork for the items I have presented in my shop is drawn by myself*

It's super important to me that your goodies get to you nice and safe, so I place all of my planner goodies in a protective cellophane sleeve, inside of an envelope that I seal with wax. AND THEN (lol), I place that inside of a cardboard envelope!

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