MONSTERA DELICIOSA - Hand Drawn Planner Stickers - Deco -DS084


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Kayla loves her plants!  You should check out her apartment, it's an urban jungle!  

Here's one of her favorites, the monstera deliciosa! More commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant, this plant is super cute and grows crazy fast!

Hand drawn stickers decorate your planner or notebooks!

-Sticker sheet size: 3.5x4.5 inches
-Printed on premium matte white sticker paper

*Please take note that the colors may differ from screen to screen (may be darker/lighter)*
*All artwork for the items I have presented in my shop is drawn by myself*

It's super important to me that your goodies get to you nice and safe, so I place all of my planner goodies in a protective cellophane sleeve, inside of an envelope that I seal with wax. AND THEN (lol), I place that inside of a cardboard envelope!

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